Toll-Free NJ

I don't use toll roads, but I HATE tolls. They waste billions of our dollars. They unfairly double tax a minority of drivers. They increase congestion, pollution, and aggravation. They cause accidents. And I'm constantly reminded of all the above every time I see a tollbooth. We don't need tolls and we have 34,000 miles of free roads in NJ to prove that. The only reason they exist is:

Road Hogs

But when I'm driving on a toll-free road, I am proud that my tax dollars are being used in such a way. Yet the Parkway boasts that tax dollars aren't used on it. But I'd much rather taxes fund the Parkway than see $billions wasted collecting tolls.

I am proud of the roads my tax dollars pay for,
and ashamed at how much money is wasted by collecting tolls.

Actually, when you think about it, most everything else we hold dear about our society wouldn't even function without roads (...just try to get your kids to school without them). Roads are one of the best things we get for our tax dollars. They are nothing less than the a cornerstone of civilization.

So, after we won the great HOV war in 1998, I decided to try for something a little harder: Removing the tolls. People said it was impossible, but I thought the same thing about the HOV lanes, so what the hell - it's a hobby. So I started building an anti-toll web site.

In 1999, Citizens Against Tolls was founded to fight to remove Parkway tolls. I asked if I could do the web site, and they welcomed the idea. Since then, the tolls part of my web site has gotten so big that I keep it separate from We even got a domain name for it:

This page serves two purposes: 1) as a doorway to, and 2) where I can put the "unofficial", tongue-in-cheek things like "Rename the Parkway" or "How to piss off a toll collector..." (see below).

I hope you'll visit - just click on the C.A.T. logo below (...and while you're there, please sign the online petition to remove tolls). But if you do, there are no links back to, so you'll have to come back on your own.

Note: Link not working yet. Site being transferred to a new home. - 8/17/11

Rename the Garden State Parkway & New Jersey Turnpike?

Our government seems to go to great lengths to separate these toll roads from the citizens of NJ. They brag about not taking any of our tax dollars, which goes to all the toll-free roads. They even boast about how much comes from out of state drivers. Heck, toll road users even have to pay for their own police protection - something you get everywhere else in NJ included in your tax dollars. The Parkway & Turnpike doesn't seem to be part of New Jersey at all. It's owned solely by the people that drive on it.

So, I and all other New Jersey residents have absolutely nothing to do with these toll roads, I don't want them to be named after New Jersey. Maybe call it the Out of State Parkway, considering how much is owned by out of staters. Or how about the "People Who Can Afford Paying So Much Extra Parkway"? But Garden State? No way. The Parkway runs like it's own separate country.