Top 10 Travel Destinations

Oh sure, the National Parks are good too. But these are the real reasons why I go out West

Liberace 10. The Liberace Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Actually, I probably shouldn't poke fun at this - some people take their Liberace seriously.

(Note: The Liberace Museum closed in October, 2010.)

McDonalds 9. The World's Largest McDonalds, Vinita, Oklahoma.

Or any McDonalds for that matter. Now that's vacation food!

Virgin Club 8. The Virgin Club II, Hurricane, Utah.

No windows - I wonder why? Is that Jim's car in the lot?? I just want to know why I didn't get carded - how do they know? And what happened to the Virgin Club I?

Cadillac Ranch 7. Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, Texas.

Gets more visitors than Euro-Disney.

Rock City 6. Rock City, Lookout Mountain, Tennessee.

I didn't actually go to Rock City, but just going down South to see the See Rock City signs is a vacation in itself.

Border 5. South of the Border,

I didn't have a picture because I haven't been there since I was a kid, but it changed my life. I still think I have some firecrackers from there ( those things go unstable?).

Hole 4. Hole N the Rock, Utah.

Makes me proud to live in America.

Wall Drug 3. Wall Drug, Wall, South Dakota.

Free Ice Water! And don't forget to stop in at Badlands National Park for a few minutes while you're there.

Corn Palace 2. Corn Palace, Mitchell, South Dakota.

I laughed, I cried, it really moved me. Just follow the signs (...and signs, and signs).

Carhenge 1. Carhenge, Alliance, Nebraska.

Awesome. Cars mimicking Stonehenge. Two weeks here just isn't enough time to see everything.

Exit Now Grand PrizeĀ (...OK, actually this makes 11)

Doesn't matter where, but after a full day of driving, it's just great to stop. And I'm sure you really appreciate this if your vacations involve a station wagon full of kids yelling "are we there yet"?

I hope to keep traveling the USA, so maybe I'll have a top 20 someday (...I mean, I haven't seen the worlds largest frying pan yet).