Pot Luck Amok

OK, I think just a little bit differently than most people. Unfortunately, not differently enough to make money off of it. Every now and then a funny thought pops into my head and I jot it down on a post-it and stick it somewhere. Someday I should have enough material for a stand-up routine (...if I can find all those post-its, that is).

MapMap Projection Animations

...Making the world go 'round.

I'm not a cartographer, but I play one at work. And this is what you get when you have a slow week, a bunch of powerful mapping software, and a GIF animator.

TravelTop 10 Travel Destinations

...Are we there yet?

Oh sure, the national parks are pretty good too, but these are the REAL reasons I go out west.

Script"The Atheist Godfather"

...Touched by an Angel Script

What can I say, I like the show. So I tried to write a script. I tried to submit it to CBS, but I got a form letter back informing me that they did not accept unsolicited script (...a nice way of saying it stunk, I suppose). But I had to do something with it, so here it is.


...Clip and Save!

I made these many years ago when I broke my hip in high school and had nothing better to do for a full week after I got out of the hospital. I apologize before hand for any bad taste. There are more, and I hope to add them eventually.

ehumorBest of E-mail Humor

...All the spam that's fit to print.

I HATE SPAM. And I'm not too fond of impersonal "cut-and-paste" email either. However, I have received my share of cute and/or funny email stories. So I figured I'd start a little library of my favorites for you (or I) to cut and paste back to people as necessary.