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This is where I park opinions I've expressed in letters to the editor or news forums.


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Flag Burning

I'm all for it! Whoops, there goes any hope of getting elected. Let's put a better spin on that:

I'm against it! However, I am against restricting our freedom of speech even more. Freedom is much more important to me than just a symbol of our freedom. Besides, any move to diminish our freedom of speech would also diminish the symbol of it. In other words, making laws against flag burning would cheapen the flag. One of my friends once asked me "wouldn't you be offended if someone burned a picture of your mother"? I replied "Well, yes, but I'd be more offended if they burned my mother."

Personally, I don't even think flag burning is a big issue. Oh sure, we see news clips of it being burned in other countries, but any laws here aren't going to change that. These laws would be for Americans only. Frankly, I can't even remember the last time I saw a flag being burned in the USA. But for some reason our legislators in Washington have thought it necessary to take up the cause. But what this is nothing more than political flag waving.

Jury Duty

You get what you pay for.

I've always found jury duty to be insulting. For what lawyers and judges make, it's absurd to have the entire legal system hinge on a $5 a day jury. That doesn't cover transportation to the courthouse. Heck, $5 doesn't even buy lunch. And that's more of a burden on some people.

True story: My Mom used to get called a lot, but she doesn't drive, there is no public transportation between Fairfield and Newark, and she's not employed so she's not reimbursed by someone else. At the very least the system should pay for a cab or come pick her up.

Every time the judge carefully instructs the jury on how they should impartially judge the case, I think "why aren't you doing this"? And the kicker is when a judge overturns a jury's decision. Apparently the CAN do it. A "professional" jury system might work, but an amateur one like we have now doesn't.

If I were on trial and guilty, I'd want a jury. But if I were innocent, I'd be scared to death of a jury. I also believe that if you send the same case to different juries, you'd get different results. I guess I'm saying that a jury is little more than a flip of the coin. There's got to be a better way.

Sex & Politics

I believe in separation of sex and state. Personal lives should be off limits in politics. What angered me most about the Clinton / Lewinsky debacle wasn't what Bill & Monica did - it's what congress did. Do you really think what Clinton did hurt the country more than the Republicans did by turning government inside out for over a year? As for Clinton lying about it, the correct answer should have been "it's none of your business". And the question should never have been asked in the first place.