I love America!...

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...It's only the people (especially politicians) that piss me off.
(Hey, I have my flag pin on so I must be patriotic, right?)

Welcome to the Whine and Jeez Party

Almost every day some elected official is in the news saying something that makes me cry "Oh JEEZ", and I run to the computer to WHINE about it.

The purpose of this section is to simply give me another outlet to vent in. Letters to the editor and internet forums are great, but I get tired of writing the same thing over and over. This is where I get to park my opinions so I can simply send someone a link or cut & paste them into a comment box.

You should notice a few common themes to my "causes". First I fight for fair treatment of everyone, regardless of how it affects me. Second I hate my tax dollars being wasted. And third, I fight for the environment. This also explains why tolls are on top of my hit list - they unfairly tax a small group, they waste lots of money on collection, and they add to pollution.

Occasionally one of my friends suggests that I run for office, but I laugh at the thought. Aside from having an acute case of stage fright, I can't hold a baby and smile at the same time.

Democracy shouldn't mean "mob rules"

My high school history teacher told us that democracy was the political system where the majority gets to inflict their opinions on the minority (or something like that - I lost my high school notes). That's fine as long as everyone is treated equally, but unfortunately that's not always the case.

Politicians like to carve us up into small groups so they can tax and treat us differently because minorities don't have a loud enough voting voice. It's "Divide and Conquer" - they turn the majority against minorities. Toll road users need to pay for their road (even though the majority gets them toll free). Cigarette smokers should pay for their health care burden (even though everyone gets sick and dies). Gay couples don't deserve marriage benefits (even though their union fulfills the reasons why we have marriage benefits). That's not right. I believe everyone should be treated equally.

Virtually every position I take sides with individual freedom and fairness. Toll road users, gays, and smokers should be treated and taxed just like all other drivers, heterosexuals, and non-smokers. People tell me "life's not fair", but hey, you can't blame me for trying to make things just a little fairer.

The funny thing is I usually find myself fighting for stuff that don't directly effect me - I don't use toll roads, I'm not gay, and I don't smoke. So why do I fight these fights? Simply put, if we allow government to do this, they will always be looking for more ways to divide and conquer us. Who do we tax after smokers - how about soda drinkers to pay for obesity health costs? Or why are Route 80 drivers getting their road for free - why not put tolls there too? Or why should married couples (hetro or straight) get financial benefits if they both work or don't have kids? Who's next?...

"And then they came for me"

If you're not familiar with the famous quote by Martin Niemöller (1892-1984), "First they came...", please Google it. I've drawn my line in the sand, and it includes Parkway drivers, smokers, and gays.


Personal freedom is very important to me, as long as you're not hurting anyone else. And that's a very important distinction. For example, I'm against SUVs (unless you're using it to haul things), which might sound like I'm encroaching upon your freedoms, but to me SUVs harm other people (be it in accidents or increased pollution). However, how personal decisions affect others is a huge gray area, like how smoking or not wearing seat belts affects other people's health or health care costs. I concede that, and I'm willing to argue the point.

I believe in personal freedom so much, I'm tempted to say we don't need government at all. We should all be responsible for governing only ourselves. In other words...

Anarchy Rules
Avoid the rush - order your bumper sticker today!
Help stamp out organized government!

Kidding, of course. Anarchy would never work. People can't be trusted to do the right thing (...to other people, that is).

Most of my whining ends up in the "On The Road" section because that's the kind of stuff that affects me almost every day. Which brings me to another thing I don't understand about society. Why do things like abortion, gun control, and someone else's sex life grab all the headlines during elections? To me, it's the day-to-day stuff like commuting that affects us much more.

Without further ado, I "divided" my rants into the following pages. The longer the rant, the more likely it is to get it's own page.

PoliticsPolitics & Opinions

Mostly opinions. I'm not good at politics.

TaxTax, Tax, Tax

Is it fair that a low income, single homeowner with no kids pay as much into the schools as a wealthy, dual income household with kids? Or is it fair that the government makes more profit (in sales tax) on a car than the dealer?

SUVOn The Road.

Technically this could on my politics page, but I have too much road rage. My 2 cents on tolls vs. gas tax, SUVs, airbags, mandatory seat belt laws, etc.

End TollsEnd Tolls

My favorite cause because it offends all three of my most important core values - they treat people unfairly, they waste a lot of money, and they're bad for the environment.

HOV LanesHOV Lanes.

This used to be an entire web site during the great HOV war in North Jersey, but we won.