360° Panoramas

I had a lot of fun with these on my 1998 trip out west. Unfortunately, the images tend to be rather large and unruly, I'm only posting a thumbnail version of each.

The original .jpg images were stitched together in a program called PhotoVista.

Somewhere in Eastern Arizona (Show Low?)


I'm not sure where this is because it was just "on the way". I was driving from Phoenix to Canyon DeChelly when I happened upon this scenic canyon. If you can't understand what's going on in the picture, it's 2 bridges side by side. The old one is still open to walk across (...that's me sitting on the rail), while the cars use the new (red) one.

Arches National Park


Taken from the rock between the Windows and Turret arch.

Goblin Valley State Park (Utah)


A cute little state park between Capitol Reef and Arches. Forget about getting a campsite on the weekends. The last 6 miles into the park is a dirt road (...which continues to Little Wild Horse Canyon).

Hoover Dam


This one isn't technically great (...I didn't use a tripod, which killed me), but I put it on my site for the friends I was visiting to see (...gosh, I'm really starting to think global network). I've been to the Hoover Dam several times since the early 70's, but this is the first time I was there since the new parking garage opened (...which supposedly cost more than the dam itself). They charged you to see everything - it was depressing. I'm surprised there isn't a toll to cross it.