Presidential Quiz

1. Which president smoked marijuana with a nude playgirl while he joked about not being too wasted to "push the button" in case of nuclear attack?

2. Which president made love to one of his secretaries stretched out atop a desk in the oval office?

3. Which president allegedly had an affair as well as children with his wife's half sister?

4. Which president married a woman who hadn't yet divorced her first husband-and was branded an adulterer during his reelection campaign?

5. Which president wrote love letters to his neighbor's wife while he was engaged to someone else?

6. Which president had a torrid affair with the first lady's personal secretary?

7. Which president made love to a young woman in the White House coat closet -at one point- while a secret service agent prevented the hysterical first lady from attacking them?

8. Which president made love in a coat closet while telling his lover about the other president who made love in a closet?

9. Which vice president was upset because he felt that HIS record of sexual conquests was more impressive than the president's?

10. Which president got caught?


1. John F. Kennedy
2. Lyndon B. Johnson
3. Thomas Jefferson
4. Andrew Jackson
5. George Washington
6. Franklin D. Roosevelt
7. Warren G. Harding
8. John F. Kennedy
9. Lyndon B. Johnson
10. Duh!

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