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I started my website in 1997 (originally as www.Jimfo.com) mainly to share my interest in photography, vent about politics, and post just about anything when inspired. I had so much success removing the HOV lanes in 1998 (...OK, thousands of other angry citizens helped a little too) I decided to try for something a little harder: Removing Parkway tolls (www.EndTolls.com). That one isn't going as well. Aside from the politics, I hope you find something fun.

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...Sharing my interest.

Dot Gallery - A sample of my hobby.
Dot Video Slideshows - One of my big 3 photographic revelations.
Dot Cover Shots - A benefits of working for a company that makes vacation guides.
Dot Exhibit - Mostly digital images I had on display at Rockaway Library.
Dot Panoramas - 360° shots I took out west.
Dot Posterization: In Camera & In Computer - One of my favorite techniques.
Dot Take it One Step Further - Why stop after posterization?

TollsWhine & Jeez Party

...All I know is what I read in the papers.

Dot Politics & Opinions - Mostly opinions. Let Freedom Rant.
Dot Tax, Tax, Tax - Just don't tax my soda!
Dot On the Road - Catch the rage. SUVs, Air Bags, Seat Belts, etc.
Dot End Tolls - My current passion, even though I don't use toll roads.
Dot HOV Lanes - Outdated, but kept online for other HOV freedom fighters to read.

MapPot Luck

...Virtual leftovers from the other pages.

Dot Animated Map Projections - I made during a slow week at work.
Dot Top 10 Travel Destinations - The REAL reason why I go out west.
Dot Coupons - I made many moons ago. Humor was different back then, I guess.
Dot The Atheist Godfather - A script I tried to write for Touched By An Angel.
Dot Best of Email Humor - At least of the email that I received.

emailContact Jim

...Questions, comments, criticisms, judgements, and accusations appreciated.

Dot E-mail Jim Padykula - So, how'm I doin'?